DAVID Certificate

Become an official DAVID instructor by completing the various modules. This globally recognized certificate allows you to work as an official DAVID instructor all over the world.

Bronze Level Instructor

As a Bronze Instructor, you will learn all the basic principles of the David devices and EVE software. Within this e-learning you will learn the following items:

    • Benefits of data-driven and device-based rehabilitation
    • Indications and contraindications for the David devices
    • How to test mobility and strength on David devices
    • The correct movement execution of the David devices
    • Basics of the EVE software
    • Basic technical skills of the EVE software and David devices

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Silver Level Instructor

As a Silver Instructor, you will learn more about Exercise Therapy and Pain management. The following items are discussed:

    • What is pain management?
    • Training Doctrine
    • Movement anxiety
    • Neuroplasticity
    • Coping and behaviour
    • Sleep problems
    • Holistic treatement based on the bio-psycho-social-model

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Gold Level Instructor

As a Gold Instructor, you will learn more about the EVE system such as collecting data and using data for audits and quality purposes. The following items will be discussed:

      • Adding personnel
      • Creating new customer groups and categories
      • Daily activity page
      • Adding your own exercise library
      • Program rules and their functionality
      • How to create a questionnaire
      • Questionnaire collections and patient record forms
      • How to create program template + cardio workouts
      • Exporting data for reporting

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DAVID Instructor Modules

*Depends on the available devices.